10 3DS/DS exclusive franchises that should come to Nintendo Switch

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#9. Ace Attorney

Now, this series did get a release on the Nintendo Wii, but no original entries specifically made for the Wii. These were just re-releases of DS games that came along years after the original with no improvements. The Ace Attorney series doesn’t necessarily need any of the gimmicks you can find on the Nintendo Switch, but it could still benefit from features like the HD rumble. Maybe it could be of use when evidence is nearby in the investigation section and/or could be used to tell if a witness is nervous and they might be lying. I just feel like the Ace Attorney series has been confined to being these tiny, quirky games on the DS or 3DS that lately have been digital only releases. Let’s make a big console epic version that you can also take on the go. Maybe a game that has a case so big Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth and a few other rivals from previous games form an attorney super team in order to solve it. I’d buy that day one for sure.