10 3DS/DS exclusive franchises that should come to Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo’s portable library is home to a number of great series that haven’t appeared on Nintendo home consoles. A lot of those should make the move to the Nintendo Switch.

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The Nintendo Switch; it theoretically finally represents the combination of home console and portable we’ve always wanted. In fact, there’s a lot of games that have only appeared on Nintendo’s portable consoles that should come to the Nintendo Switch. Here are my top ten picks of what those should be. I should mention that in order to qualify for this list, the series has not had an original entry on a recent Nintendo home console, essentially either the Wii or the Wii U.

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#10. Professor Layton

The appeal of the long-running Professor Layton series has always been it’s incredibly creative puzzles. I think the Nintendo Switch could offer a lot of opportunities to bring a whole new level of puzzles to the series.

They should, of course, keep ones involving math, logic, brain teasers, etc. such as previous entries have. But with a Professor Layton game on the Nintendo Switch, you could also have puzzles that involved motion control, using the Joy Con controllers in specific ways and even making use of the HD rumble. Level 5 CEO Akihiro Hino had previously expressed interest in bringing the series to Wii U, but obviously, that didn’t happen and the Wii U is about as dead as a console still available in stores can be.

Making a Nintendo Switch version instead and incorporating the gimmicks available on the system would make for a pretty fantastic entry in my opinion.