10 franchises Sega should resurrect

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#6. Beyond Oasis

Sega had a couple stabs at making their own equivalent to the Legend of Zelda franchise. The closest they came would arguably be Beyond Oasis. It definitely had a similar feel to the Zelda franchise with a similar perspective and the idea of exploring and finding out what the game wanted you to do rather than outright telling you. But Beyond Oasis had a lot of cool touches that made it stand apart, such as the distinct art style and a pretty wide variety of weapons.

If future Legend of Zelda games are to be more like Breath of The Wild for the foreseeable future, then let Sega fill in that gap for more straightforward grand adventure games by reviving this franchise. I would not mind seeing them give this franchise to a great development team and give their own take on a Wind Waker or Twilight Princess-esque title. Games like that are actually few and far between as it is, especially on non-Nintendo platforms, so this might be a great opportunity to fill that void.