Divine Beasts are sending SOS signals in Breath of the Wild

Credit: Nintendo
Credit: Nintendo /

Two months later, and people are still finding amazing secrets in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This time, an audio cue holds an eerie message.

I hope that, a year from now, we still run across the occasional Reddit thread of, “Did you know you could do this in Breath of the Wild?!” More than two months after launch, clever players are still discovering hidden secrets in the game, and today’s comes in the form of a very, very subtle music cue in each of the four Divine Beasts’ tracks. It turns out, the beasts are sending SOS signals…via their music.

The music for the Divine Beasts is rather heart-wrenching to begin with, as with each terminal you activate, one layer of music drops out and another is added until a distorted, corrupted mess of noise is transformed into a sorrowful, desperate melody. The best way to illustrate this is by listening, and I recommend you hop on over to YouTube and listen to each of the Terminal Activations one by one (I couldn’t find a video with all the changes in one) but here’s a few to give you an idea:

All right, now that you’re sufficiently dazzled, back up and listen to the first one again, with no terminals activated. Hear those weird, quiet beeps kicking in around 0:15? Yeah, apparently that’s Morse code. Specifically, SOS. The universal signal that you need help, badly.

The beeps disappear once you activate a terminal, their message received, but that doesn’t seem to be all. The clever Redditors who discovered the Morse code in the first place seem to think there may be more to the message than a simple SOS, and are currently working hard to decode the remainder of the Morse messages. So far, they haven’t had much luck, uncovering possibilities for Japanese words such as “inward” or “hero,” but it’s still grasping at straws for now. The SOS is clear, though, meaning that the likelihood of the remaining beeps in all four Divine Beast songs being nothing seems pretty low.

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Manaka Kataoka has more than proven herself as quite the musical genius, especially in the many ways she’s disguised other themes in Breath of the Wild’s music. You know, like how the broken Temple of Time has a track that is actually the Temple of Time theme, but broken up nearly beyond recognition? I can’t wait to see what the team working on decoding this music discovers. And if it’s nothing? That’s probably okay…the SOS hidden in the music is eerie enough as it is!