The ten best classic superhero games

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#9.  Captain America and The Avengers (Arcade)

There were a number of superhero multiplayer brawlers in the arcades in the 90s. One of the earliest was definitely Captain America and The Avengers. Simply put, you and up to three other players could play Captain America, Iron Man, Vision or Hawkeye and fight various goons and some notable Marvel villains such as The Mandarin and The Living Laser before ultimately fighting the Red Skull.

It’s simply a pretty entertaining game that allowed you to play as Captain America and three other guys no one wanted to play as at the time. Especially Vision. He was just a weird Android at the time, and nobody knew what he was all about. It might be hard to imagine now, but Iron Man was never a top-tier superhero until Marvel gave him his own movie. It’s also weird that there were just four Avengers to choose from, and why weren’t any of them Thor, Hulk or even Scarlet Witch?

Nevertheless, Captain America and The Avengers was a solid foundation for future multiplayer superhero brawlers before arcades became absolutely littered with the genre in general and had lots of fun appearances from villains and heroes that rarely pop up in future superhero games. It would be easily topped just a year later, however…