The ten best classic superhero games

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#1. Spider-Man (PlayStation)

As good as the 16-bit version of Spider-Man was, some things just couldn’t be done due to the limitations of hardware at the time. You couldn’t possibly hear Peter Parker spout his trademark humor or hear any of his friends or enemies talk. You couldn’t swing around the city freely as he can. It just wasn’t possible.

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With the original PlayStation, suddenly it was all possible, and we got one of the best superhero games ever made. Not only could you swing around Manhattan and it felt great, but there was tons of fan-service in the form of great Spider-Man lines and villains who were true to their comic book counterparts. There aren’t a ton of PlayStation games I really remember fondly, but this is one of them. It’s still far better than any recent attempts at Spider-Man games.

Pretty much the only part of the game that doesn’t hold up are those ugly blocky polygons, but when the rest of the game is that good, you won’t notice. I really hope the upcoming Spider-Man game from Sucker Punch for PS4 captures the same feeling this game did because it’s been far too long since Marvel’s most popular hero had a game worthy of him.

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And that’s the list of ten classic superhero games. Are there any from those days you remember fondly that didn’t make the list? Be sure to let us know which games and why in the comments!

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