10 Non-Nintendo Games For A Nintendo 64 Classic

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#3. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

The Nintendo 64 was also home to a number of quality FPS games before one or two series basically dominated the genre. One of the most oddball, but also fun N64 FPS was Turok The Dinosaur Hunter. “Dinosaur Hunter” was kind of a misnomer though. In the games, you fought dinosaurs as a time-traveling Native American warrior, sure. But there were also aliens and other weird creatures, and you had all kinds of weird future tech at your disposal.

The first game was highly acclaimed and rightfully so, but the sequel is where everything really took off. Not only did it add some really fun multi-player, but Turok 2: Seeds of Evil had one of the best video game weapons of all time: THE CEREBRAL BORE. This didn’t just drill through opponents heads as you might expect from the name. It homed in on enemies, then drilled into their skull and made them explode. And even on the Nintendo 64, the sickening sound was always amazing and never got tiresome. The later entries in the series are better left alone to vanish into the ether, but Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is one of the best games of the Nintendo 64 era period and needs to be included in any kind of console re-release.