10 Non-Nintendo Games For A Nintendo 64 Classic

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#4. Wipeout 64

The Nintendo 64 actually had a pretty robust racing library. Of course, you had Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing and F-Zero X just to name a few, and most of them were really good. While F-Zero X is probably more fondly remembered, I’d actually argue that Wipeout 64 is more deserving of a slot in a Nintendo 64 Classic system as far as futuristic racers go.

Simply put, Wipeout 64 had a cooler feel to it, better track design and better controls than F-Zero X. But since F-Zero had the Nintendo push behind it, that’s the futuristic racing game that is better remembered. It also didn’t help much that the two games were released within a month of each other.

But here’s the perfect opportunity to rectify that. Wipeout is barely hanging on as a series these days, but back in the 32 and 64-bit era, it was one of the top racing franchises and Wipeout 64 is a prime example of that. Nintendo doesn’t seem horribly invested in keeping F-Zero alive beyond cameos in other series anyways, so why not include the overshadowed yet better futuristic racer?