10 Non-Nintendo Games For A Nintendo 64 Classic

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#5. NFL Blitz

Remember when there wasn’t just one football game? And at least some series were allowed to play fast and loose with the rules of the game in a fun, more arcade-like manner? If you don’t, then you missed out on the majesty that was NFL Blitz. As I previously stated, I’m not much of a sports guy period, but you put a fun arcade spin and get loose with the rules and just about anybody can have a good time with most sports games. In the 16-bit era, that game was NBA Jam and a generation later it was NFL Blitz.

If you played NFL Blitz, which was an officially licensed product, you might even wonder how the NFL got the nickname of “No Fun League”. While you had your proper and serious game with the Madden series, this allowed crazy plays, fun physics, late and brutal-looking hits, and even incorporated wrestling moves in some cases. But as the installments went on, the NFL actually did live up to their reputation, making sure each successive entry was more sanitized and tame, so you are best off with the one that started it all: the series at its purest.

The Nintendo 64 was a great system for up to four people to just play a multi-player game together (it was the only system that came with four controller ports at the time) and NFL Blitz was a prime example of fun multiplayer mayhem, and should be included in any sort of console re-release.