10 Non-Nintendo Games For A Nintendo 64 Classic

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#7. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

The Ganbare Goemon series is a long-running and super popular franchise in Japan. There are anime, manga and a long line of video games as well, dating back to 1986. Only a handful of games in the series have gotten a release in the U.S., under the series title Mystical Ninja, but each one was a pretty amazing game.

This held true for the Nintendo 64 release as well, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. It’s a 3D adventure game. Unfortunately, it is overshadowed by a certain other 3D adventure game made by Nintendo, but this is no mere copycat. You can switch between several characters with differing abilities and the game has a fun story and unique humor and charm all its own.

This game series pretty much died off in 2005 completely and Konami barely seems interested in making games anymore, so a release of this classic gem included in a Nintendo 64 Classic would be welcome indeed.