10 Non-Nintendo Games For A Nintendo 64 Classic

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We pick ten non-Nintendo games that should be part of a theoretical Nintendo 64 Classic’s library.

The NES Classic is on the way out, and reportedly the decision was made to make way for the SNES Classic. While everybody is getting super excited about the possibility of yet another hard-to-get dose of Nintendo nostalgia, we here at App Trigger thought it would fun to peer a little further into the possible future with a look at what games should be included on a Nintendo 64 Classic should one ever be made.

It’s easy to pick out games that Nintendo either developed or published that should be included in the library. The answer is: nearly all of them, because let’s face it, Nintendo has a hit record and a library like no other developer. The more interesting question is, what non-Nintendo games would be essential on a theoretical Nintendo 64 Classic? Here are my picks:

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#10. Conker’s Bad Fur Day

I was actually never a big fan of Conker’s Bad Fur Day. But when you are making a system meant to hit those nostalgic feels and capture what games were like back then, I feel it’s an essential entry, if for no other reason than because it was such a bizarre release on Nintendo’s purportedly way-too-family-friendly system.

You see, despite having other M-rated games on the system, Nintendo had a reputation of virtually never releasing games specifically designed for mature audiences on their consoles. It’s still something that plagues them to this day. That seemed to be the only reason Conker’s Bad Fur Day turned out the way it did. The protagonist, Conker, had made previous appearances in kid-friendly titles such as Conker’s Pocket Adventures and Diddy Kong Racing. There was every reason to believe this would be your average mascot 3D platforming collectathon much like Banjo-Kazooie. There were even early screenshots of the game that suggested this.

Then, at some point, Rare decided this was a bad thing, and threw it in the completely opposite direction. Sure, it was still a 3D platformer collectathon, but now with ATTITUDE. And that meant a formerly cutesy squirrel protagonist now smoked, drank, swore, fought a giant pile of poo that sang opera, and so on.

Underneath all that, Conker’s Bad Fur Day is still an average 3D collectathon whose humor has aged incredibly poorly. But in addition to being an important historical addition, I feel the surprisingly fun multiplayer modes hold up really well. They are all incredibly creative and fun and still worth playing over 15 years later.