10 Best Disney Games Not In Disney Afternoon Collection

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2 – World Of Illusion (Genesis)

So how do you possibly top one of the most well-received Disney games of all time? By adding Donald Duck, obviously. Aside from improved graphics, that was the biggest change to this follow-up to the classic Castle Of Illusion.

In World of Illusion, you could play as either Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. You could even play them together in co-op mode. But the differences aren’t merely in looks. In single-player, Mickey is able to squeeze through tight spaces while Donald can’t. This leads to not only finding different ways through a level, but there are some levels you only can play as Donald, so you might actually want to play through the game as each character to experience it fully.

There’s arguably more love for Castle Of Illusion, but I honestly prefer the follow-up a little bit more. The gameplay is just as solid, and the different characters as well as the co-op mode give World of Illusion a replay edge that the previous game simply lacks. I seriously hope it gets the remake treatment sometime in the near future just as Castle of Illusion did. It certainly is worthy of it in my mind.