10 Best Disney Games Not In Disney Afternoon Collection

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3 – Castle Of Illusion (Genesis)

An indisputable classic and a game that actually made Mickey Mouse a megastar in the world of video games, Castle Of Illusion was arguably the premiere game for the Sega Genesis until Sonic The Hedgehog came along the next year. After all, what other Disney games have been considered popular enough to be re-released on later generations of consoles and even given an excellent 3D remake in just the last few years on the PlayStation 3?

Castle of Illusion simply is one of the best Genesis platformers ever made. The graphics admittedly haven’t aged as well as games like Aladdin, but the excellent gameplay and music still hold up. It remains a super-influential game and it’s kind of a shame that Mickey these days isn’t nearly the gaming powerhouse he was in the 16-bit era. In my mind there are only two Disney games that top this, and they both still feature Mickey Mouse.