10 Best Disney Games Not In Disney Afternoon Collection

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4 – Toy Story 3 (PS3/Xbox 360)

The single-player story portion of Toy Story 3 is just another mediocre platformer. You might play it for a few minutes and write it off as just another shoddy licensed game. But then there’s this other mode. The “Toy Box mode.” In this mode, you are free to roam around a western-themed toy world called “Woody’s Roundup.” It’s essentially a customizable open world game unto itself, where you can unlock more characters and pieces by completing various objectives.

This would mean nothing if the world you were given to play in wasn’t incredibly fun to hang out in. But amazingly, it totally is. Toy Story 3‘s Toy Box mode was literally a game changer. It was so incredibly well-received that Disney decided to make their whole video game future about it, that being Disney Infinity. Sadly, Disney Infinity fell victim to “not making enough money.” However, that doesn’t change how awesome the Toy Box mode in Toy Story 3 is and you don’t even need to buy any action figures for it to unlock additional content.