10 Best Disney Games Not In Disney Afternoon Collection

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The Disney Afternoon Collection is great for fans of Disney and retro gaming, but here are 10 other great Disney games you should try.

Ready for a good dose of classic gaming nostalgia to hit you? The Disney Afternoon Collection hits PS4, Xbox One and PC on April 18th with six Disney games most remember as absolute classics of the NES era starring characters from some of our favorite afternoon cartoon shows.

And while the Disney Afternoon Collection is certainly loaded with classics, there are actually a fair amount of Disney games throughout the last couple decades of gaming that deserve to be remembered. Here’s the ten best you won’t see in the collection coming out this Tuesday:

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10 – Mickey Mania (Genesis, Sega CD, Super Nintendo, PlayStation)

Mickey Mouse is Disney’s premier iconic mascot, and as such he has been the subject of a number of video games of the last few decades. However, what is surprising is that several of them buck the trend of most games based on a beloved cartoon character in being spectacular games, most of which you will see later on down the list.

Mickey Mania is arguably the weakest of Mickey’s stellar 16-bit exploits. It’s a bit on the easy and short side and certainly leans heavily on the nostalgia factor in that the stages are all based around classic Mickey Mouse cartoons. Most of the reviews at the time in fact panned it for being far too easy and only for fans of Mickey. But it’s still a pretty solid game with some incredible animation. And being that Mickey Mouse is one of the most beloved characters the world over, if you were even slightly interested in this, odds are you were already a fan. Sounds like an easy recommend to me.

Again, Mickey has better 16-bit games, but for a solid fun platformer filled with great Disney nostalgia, it’s hard to go wrong with Mickey Mania.