5 Things We Can Really Do Without In Kingdom Hearts 3

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Simple and Clean

Unpopular opinion alert: No more of this song, please. Don’t get me wrong. I love Simple and Clean. Or, rather, I loved it fifteen years ago as the opening to Kingdom Hearts. Now, it’s been remixed, covered, and sung to death so often that I just can’t take it anymore. What do the lyrics even mean? Are they supposed to be profound in some way? What does any part of that song have to do with the video game? What is WITH that Ray of Hope remix?

Passion/Sanctuary in Kingdom Hearts 2 wasn’t as good initially, but I’m starting to revere this song as a glorious break from Simple and Clean. I hope Utada Hikaru composes something entirely new for Kingdom Hearts 3 and saves us from this Simple and Clean hell we’ve been locked in forever. Unfortunately, I don’t think we can escape Dearly Beloved on the menu. Dear God, stop covering that piece!