10 PlayStation 4 Games That Need To Be On PlayStation Now

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9. PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 4

Remember this announcement? Remember how everyone was hype for it. Games like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Twisted Metal Black, and others would all be coming to PlayStation 4. Then the reality set in and two years later, these are still the main highlights of the offerings of all 50 or so games in the PlayStation 2 on PlayStation 4.

Well, it would be certainly nice if Sony could drop the idea of trophy support or something to get more of these games released on PlayStation 4. Obviously, the lack of updates to this feature does not fall solely on them, but, like the ones touting it, they are the ones we have to say dropped the ball on it.

There are so many of Sony’s own exclusive titles missing from this list of games still. Jak & DaxterRatchet & Clank and others were all released on PlayStation 3. It is a shame to see if they added all of these games to this digital library it would ultimately be only a small fraction of the total PlayStation 2 catalog of great games.