10 PlayStation 4 Games That Need To Be On PlayStation Now

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With PlayStation 4 games coming to PC by way of PlayStation Now, what kind of games does Sony NEED put on the service from the PlayStation 4 catalog to prove proof of concept?

In the latest sign of the ultimate unified system, PlayStation Now is going to begin streaming PlayStation 4 games to PC and PlayStation 4 subscribers. There are certainly arguments about the price to be had with PlayStation Now, it now sits between $15-$20 a month, but this is something PC players should at least try out for a month.

What games should PlayStation put on PlayStation Now to pull gamers in, though? Keep in mind, I did not want to add games that would obviously not be put on the service this year like Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Those are Sony’s big highly-rated titles they still show off a good bit.

Additionally, I know shooters are really popular, especially on PC and I would not imagine people want to see those games streamed with the lag incumbent with that. That means no Call of Duty, Battlefield, Battlefront, etc. Same thing with fighting games and the lag issues there so do not expect to see Ultra Street Fighter IV or anything on this list though they may end up on the service.

I tried to pull from a variety of older exclusives, franchise remasters, and well-received titles across genres to differentiate the service.

With that said, let’s look at 10 PlayStation 4 games Sony NEEDS to have as PlayStation Now titles.

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10. Dying Light

Horror games are a must on the service, and there are few modern horror games that pull it off like Dying Light does with both single player and multiplayer opportunities. Not to mention, Techland went all out and added a huge expansion called Dying Light: The Following later on which added longevity to the title for players.

It is a big world with a lot to do in Dying Light, but it stays grounded for the most part in a rather serious and kind of convenient plot. The gameplay is fantastic, though. Techland did what many series struggled to do and made parkour feel cool, but gave you consequences for overestimating your character.

Other games like this could include the Resident Evil REMakeAlien: Isolation, and The Evil Within.