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23 – Beach Flag

In Beach Flag, you run in place. That’s the game! You run as fast as you can in place (or, if you’re lazy, move your arms as quickly as you can in place), and then hold up the Joy-Con like a flag when you feel it vibrate. It’s meant to be a race, but it’s not an actual race, it’s just who can wiggle faster.

Beach Flag confuses me because it doesn’t really stand out in any particular way in 1-2-Switch as showing off the Joy-Con tech (I guess the motion sensor), and it’s just so bland. You can probably win this game every time just by shaking the Joy-Con violently. You’ll play this once, maybe twice, and then not again. It is admittedly funny when your opponent is new to the game and forgets to move his arms when he starts running the first time, though.