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24 – Table Tennis

I love the idea of playing Table Tennis with the Joy-Cons, using sound and vibration to track where the ball is at. But in practice, this game is incredibly difficult. Just batting the ball back and forth isn’t a big deal, but the trouble comes with the two different types of shots (fast and slow) you can implement with different button inputs. These are indicated by sound cues, but the speed of the game seals the incredible difficulty of changing your rhythm to react quickly to the change in the shot. You’ll miss almost every time unless you dump time into games after games of practice, and you’ll likely be frustrated enough after the first few rounds that you won’t want to.

Table Tennis is still some fun, sort of, but you’ll likely walk away from the invisible table, invisible paddles, and invisible balls more frustrated than entertained, and move on to 1-2-Switch’s other, less vexing offerings.