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25 – Joy-Con Rotation

Joy-Con Rotation is a competition in which two players set their Joy-Cons down on a flat service and then, one at a time, attempt to gently lift their Joy-Con without tipping it and rotate it in a circle as far as they can before setting it gently back down. The winner is whoever can rotate the farthest over three rounds without tipping their controller, which resets their score.

As impressive as the accuracy with which the Joy-Con tracked my motion was, there’s no denying that this game is just boring. Sitting down and trying to turn a Joy-Con in a circle is perhaps one of the least-interesting competitive activities I have ever participated in, and heck, I was winning. Other games in 1-2-Switch show off the controller’s gyroscope far better while retaining the fun value over multiple playthroughs. This does not.