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3 – Baseball

This. This is an actual game, or the beginnings of one. Imagine an actual, fully fleshed-out baseball title where one player pitches and, based on sound, the other swings, hits, and can then run the bases. Flesh out the pitching options, allow players to pick characters with different stats and form teams with them. Create leagues. Offer options to swap quickly to fielders to catch pop flies or throw the ball home. Mixing the complex mechanics of games like MLB  The Show with the possibility to actually, physically play with a Joy-Con could be a huge hit.

Baseball was one of the few titles in 1-2-Switch that we had trouble putting down, even without all the trappings I just mentioned above. It’s simply a pitching and hitting game, with no clear indication of how hits are determined as home runs or flies or fouls beyond possible RNG–a factor that annoyed us frequently. But the basic structure for a real home run of a baseball title is hidden here in a weird collection of otherwise mostly unremarkable games.