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7 – Plate Spin

Following the trend of a handful of other games in 1-2-Switch where the players make their own fun, Plate Spin is likely the best example of this gameplay style. Your Joy-Con acts as a stick on which you must keep a steadily shrinking plate spinning like a clown might. You don’t want to spin the entire time, though. You just want to spin when the plate wobbles (activating the HD Rumble) to keep it steady, then let it sit on its own until the next rumble.

The fun comes in with the second player, as the game encourages you to mess with one another to displace each other’s plates. In reality, this takes the form of all sorts of slapping, pushing, tickling, toe-stepping, and generally getting all up in one another’s space. As it sounds, this is a game best suited for folks you are physically comfortable with. I can confirm that it gets a little ridiculous with siblings. Be safe, and try to play nice.