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8 – Signal Flags

Continuing our aquatic theme, Signal Flags was one of the most surprisingly good and challenging games in 1-2-Switch. Your Joy-Con represents a flag, which you must hold in one of four directions (left, right, up, or down) as directed by a woman’s voice. Sounds simple, right? The kicker is the other voice, the man’s voice. You must hold the Joy-Con in the opposite direction of whatever he says, with the game mixing up the two and gradually speeding their commands up the longer you play. Whoever performs the most signals correctly by the end, wins.

This reminds me of the old Mario Party game where you did essentially the same thing with two colored flags set to buttons. Trying to parse commands on the spot as correct or the opposite, then following them quickly, proves difficult in an enjoyable way–even more so when you’re facing your opponent and trying not to mimic or mirror their mistakes. Signal Flags has some of the best longevity and highest difficulty in the collection.