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9 – Treasure Chest

Argh, mateys. If you can get past the hokey pirate voice, Treasure Chest is pretty cool. Your Joy-Con, held horizontally to start, represents the treasure chest on-screen all wrapped in chains. You must rotate the Joy-Con every which way to untangle it, being careful not to accidentally re-wrap it. This isn’t an easy feat, as you must do it quickly to beat your opponent, and it’s all-too-easy to get yourself into a tangled mess.

Another fabulous exhibition of the Joy-Con’s motion sensitivity, I found the game surprisingly responsive to every motion I made in Treasure Chest. Even tiny corners, when tilted, would unwrap or re-wrap for me, and I had to be careful to constantly orient myself while playing to ensure I didn’t make a bigger mess. With fast-paced, frantic play and impressive tech, Treasure Chest is one of the stronger titles in 1-2-Switch’s lineup. Don’t worry, no pirate hats required.