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27 – Air Guitar

The concept of using the Joy-Cons to play an air guitar seems like a solid one, a thing for which their design is well suited. Motion controls detecting when and how hard you strum and the possibility of HD Rumble to compliment the music all sound like need premises for a mini-game. But Air Guitar in 1-2-Switch turns out to be a bland, pointless affair.

For one, it’s the same song, every time. Then, there’s really no way to tell how well you’re hitting the beats. You get a general score at the end, but during the actual game, there’s no visual, audio, or physical response telling you that your air strumming is accurate. You also get stylistic points, but how the heck do you get those? By wiggling around more? Who can tell?

After one run, Air Guitar is pointless and boring. And for similar reasons, so is the next game: