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10 – Ball Count

I’m not going to sit here and try to convince you that there’s anything at all fun about the ordinary act of guessing how many balls are rolling around in a wooden box. What makes Ball Count so appealing is its fantastic showcase of the HD Rumble. I can’t emphasize enough: this feels real. You can feel each ball tap together or against the sides as it rolls, varying in force depending on how far you tip it. It’s amazing technology and I have no idea how anyone’s going to use it outside of 1-2-Switch.

You won’t actually ever play Ball Count. Instead, you’ll start the game, then sit there for half an hour passing the controller around to feel the balls rolling, with each of your pals sporting a look of bemusement as they tip the Joy-Con one direction, then another. The tech is real, folks. Now get us a game that it’s useful for.