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11 – Milk

Ever since Milk was first shown, it’s garnered plenty of attention for just how udderly (see what I did that) hilarious and inappropriate it appears. I can say with confidence that playing it is even more ludicrous. Holding a Joy-Con in one hand, you must milk an imaginary cow, using the Joy-Con like an udder. You will receive the best result from steadily moving the Joy-Con down while pressing the SR, and then the SL buttons as you go, as if massaging milk from an udder. If you do well, milk will squirt all over the screen while the HD Rumble vibrates to let you know you’re squeezing out a cupful. Lovely.

Actually playing Milk with your friends garners exactly as much laughter and bad jokes as it seems like it would. While the game itself is unchanging from play to play, you’ll get a little more life out of it than others just for all the bad jokes. PS: It’s even better if you’ve had a beer or two beforehand.