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12 – Boxing Gym

In a title oddly reminiscent of Wii Fit U’s boxing game, Boxing Gym has you hold a Joy-Con in one hand and perform various boxing moves as commanded by the game’s audio. You should definitely stand apart from your opponent and not actually punch them for this, especially at the end when it lets you punch as hard and fast as you can. Afterward, you’ll see a recap of who performed the required moves (hook, straight, and uppercut) fastest and most accurately, with points awarded and a winner chosen for the best boxing.

This and Signal Flags both derive enjoyment from fast, physical reaction times, something my friends and I had a lot of fun with. Boxing Gym does an excellent job of showing off the Joy-Con’s motion sensor in a way some of the dancing games don’t, as there are only three selections and it can accurately tell the difference between them, as well as how fast you’re moving when you punch.