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13 – Copy Dance

Ah, Copy Dance, the ultimate friend trolling game of 1-2-Switch. Each player gets three tries to, on the beat, strike a pose that the other player must copy as accurately as possible. While the trailer only shows reasonable, if silly, dance moves, in real life this resulted in us jumping on couches, performing head stands, and hiding the Joy-Con. How does the Switch know if we accurately copied any of those moves? I have no idea. It probably doesn’t. It only tracks the Joy-Con, it can’t possibly know where my legs were during that pose. Oh well.

I was annoyed in prior games by the illusion of good tracking when the reality was that the Joy-Con had no way of knowing how accurate we were, but in Copy Dance this annoyances dissipates in the fun of bouncing around trying to stump our friends with weird poses. You’ll eventually run out of ideas and feel weird when playing with the guy who only ever does like two different moves, but until then, Copy Dance is fairly enjoyable.