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14 – Sneaky Dice

A gambling game in 1-2-Switch? Weird, but effective! Shake your Joy-Con like a pair of dice, then flip it onto the table in front of you to complete a roll. When both you and your partner are done, you will feel a series of pulses indicating to you what your opponent rolled. Knowing this but not your own roll, you can reroll up to two times or attempt to bluff them into rerolling if they have a high number. Flipping the Joy-Con over locks you in, with the highest roll winning the game–don’t forget, snake eyes are a wild card!

You’ll enjoy both the realistic feel of the HD Rumble as dice in your hand as well as the player-controlled bluffing, provided you’re not as bad at it as the folks in the demo portion of the game. I’m just waiting to hear stories of people using Sneaky Dice as a gambling game for real money.