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15 – Fake Draw

Fake Draw contains all the goodness of the infamous Quick Draw, but with an added twist. Instead of yelling “Fire,” to indicate you should raise your Joy-Con and pull the ZR or ZL trigger, the voice may say any number of unrelated F-words such as “Foot,” “Fountain,” “Fromage,” and so on. The goal is not to get tricked, but to wait until he shouts, “Fire!” to actually shoot.

While the concept is sound and game is some fun, it’s far too easy not to be tricked. Most of the words don’t sound enough like “Fire” to fool the majority of adults who know a fake is coming, and with the addition of the fakes, the game loses its quick punch. Staring at one another in silence, waiting for the cue to come is more tense and exciting than waiting as a list of unrelated words fly out. Even so, Fake Draw is a nice change-up if you like Quick Draw and crave something different.