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16 – Zen

Zen may as well be renamed “Competitive Yoga.” In each round, the two players are given a yoga pose to perform. While holding the Joy-Con flat in one hand, they must do the pose and then hold it, remaining as still as possible. The poses can range in difficulty anywhere from sitting cross-legged (very easy) to balancing on one leg. The sensitivity detector grows stronger the longer you hold the pose with no mistake, resetting with a gentle “ping” every time someone wiggles. Wiggle too much, and you eventually lose.

With Zen, we officially enter into the category of games that are reasonably fun. Holding perfectly still is harder than you think it is, and it’s fun to challenge your opponent by making weird faces at them as you balance. My only complaint? There is nothing zen about this game–it’s a misnomer. Zen requires an extreme, unrelaxed focus, and elicits plenty of giggles.