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17 – Gorilla

Easily one of the weirder 1-2-Switch games, Gorilla puts you in the fuzzy feet of a male gorilla competing with a rival to impress a lovely lady gorilla hiding in a bush. You do this by beating your chest in time with the rhythm she oo’s and aah’s out, though the game warns you not to actually hit your chest–just move your arms in time with the rhythm. Your accuracy determines how wooed the lady gorilla is, and there’s a free-for-all chest beat at the end to prove your power against your rival, too.

Aside from the awkwardness of displaying ape behavior to impress a female, Gorilla is a moderately enjoyable rhythm game with some degree of challenge. Some of the lady’s patterns are quite complex, though in a few rounds you’ll have learned most of them. It’s worth a few rounds if you can stand all the weird monkey noises.