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18 – Runway

Runway’s high on the laugh factor if and only if you have goofy looking friends. For this one, we assigned our tallest, most giraffe-looking friend to hold a Joy-Con in one hand and, competing with another friend, strut back and forth down the runway, swinging his hips as far and as rhythmically as possible. Then, the two met in the center and struck three poses, with points awarded for rhythm in walking and theatricality of the poses.

Like Air Guitar and Dance-off before it and a few other 1-2-Switch games to come, Runway doesn’t offer much in the way of concrete feedback, and your goofy-looking friend is likely to bail after one or two Runway passes and the gleeful laughter of the audience. But the game is good for at least a few rounds of giggles. Just make sure you have plenty of space.