All 1-2-Switch Games, Ranked

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1-2-Switch is a weird, weird game, including both highs and lows in its roster of minigames. Here are all 28 games, in order from total blah to just fantastic.

We feel fairly lukewarm about 1-2-Switch as a game, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t shining stars among its minigames. Each of its 28 games is intended to show off at least one of the Nintendo Switch’s technical features, and a few manage to be quite fun for a bit while doing so. If you’re still on the fence about 1-2-Switch and whether or not you’ll derive enjoyment from its library, fear not. I’ve ranked all 28 minigames to give you a better idea of what you’re signing up for when you drop that $50 USD. We’ll begin with the worst:

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28 – Baby

There is absolutely no reason to ever play Baby, except once if you’re just curious what a crying Nintendo Switch sounds like. Baby is a single-player game where you attach the Joy-Cons to the tablet and gently rock the Nintendo Switch while a baby’s screaming face is shown on screen, accompanied by god-awful crying. Correct rocking will result in it “falling asleep,” at which point you must gently set the baby down without waking it. Spoilers: it will probably wake up, sometimes multiple times.

Just, why? If I wanted a screaming baby in my life, I’d have one–or maybe you already have one and at least get to enjoy the positive moments with said baby instead of a piece of technology that only screams. There is no need to shell out $50 for 1-2-Switch to rock a baby. I found nothing enjoyable about Baby, at all. Skip it every single time it comes up.