How to Get Epona in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Yes, Epona does make an appearance in Breath of the Wild, but you might be disappointed at how she’s obtained.

Aonuma wasn’t joking. You can definitely encounter Epona in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This legendary horse from Legend of Zelda games past has a unique coloring, saddle, and absolutely amazing stats, plus she takes absolutely no effort to tame unlike some of the other high-stat horses you might go after. The bad news is, she costs $12.99.

Epona is unlocked by scanning the Link amiibo from Super Smash Bros. into the game. That’s it! Nothing crazier to it! Make sure you’re out in an open field where a horse can be (otherwise you just get a treasure chest) and Epona is yours.

Eurogamer shows off obtaining Epona at the beginning of this video:

So, of course, here’s the problem: she costs $12.99! The horse of legend, Link’s famous companion, the best horse in the game, is some really expensive DLC if you don’t already happen to own a Link amiibo. This is painful for me, as I just got done praising how actual, known DLC for Breath of the Wild was seemingly going to replace major additions via amiibo, leaving the figurines to give tiny bonuses like hearts or items. I get it, of course, Epona is a mostly cosmetic addition to the game, but she’s also an iconic character all her own and something players would comb the world for if she were available via gameplay.

Deep breath, but I’m not going to shell out for an amiibo for Epona. Instead, I’ll content myself with some of the secret mounts. Wait, you don’t want to know about the spoilers? Okay, I’ll wait. Get on out of here. Don’t scroll down unless you want to see the awesome mount I still have yet to tame.

All the people avoiding spoilers gone? Good. Check this out:

Credit: Nintendo
Credit: Nintendo /

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You can ride that cool shiny ghost magic sparkle horse! He’s crazy hard to tame, but it’s definitely possible. I gotta work on my stamina game before I can be worthy of cool shiny ghost magic sparkle horse, but you just wait–I’ll do it. He’s a way better horse than any ol’ $12.99 Epona…right? Right?