10 Tips and Tricks for Your First Hours in Breath of the Wild

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Clear lots of Shrines

I shouldn’t have to tell you that clearing out Shrines is a good thing. Shrines serve as warp points, reward you with Spirit Orbs (which you can exchange for either Heart Containers or Stamina Flasks), and often contain delicious new loot such as Guardian components, weapons, armor, or shields. They’re also fun as heck and will test you to your limits in terms of using your environment and Runes to clear each themed challenge.

Do lots of Shrines. There are 120 in the game, and the more you knock out as you travel, the less you’ll have to do later if you want completion. If you struggle, though, it’s okay to throw in the towel. You’ll still have the warp point, and it will be neatly marked on your map with a blue and gold stamp instead of a pure blue one, reminding you to revisit later.