10 Tips and Tricks for Your First Hours in Breath of the Wild

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breath of the wild
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Kill a Guardian

Put on your big kid boots, because you need to practice killing Guardians. Conveniently, there’s one stuck in the dirt right outside one of the early Shrines you have to visit. While it may be tempting to run for your life from the homing laser and terrifying noises, resist the temptation and get in there to demolish that nasty creature.

Practicing against grounded Guardians in safer environments is great training for later in the game, when these jerks will just spider-walk right on up to you and start blasting you, then chase you halfway across Hyrule. Get an idea of where to shoot your arrow to stun them, what weapons work well on them (hint, glowing blue Guardian weapons obtained in Shrines!), and how they move and track. They may freak you out now, but I guarantee that you’ll be a master of slaying them by the time you reach the final boss.