10 Tips and Tricks for Your First Hours in Breath of the Wild

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Get a horse

I know, I know. You’ve been burned before by clunky horse controls in video games. I don’t claim that Breath of the Wild’s horse controls are the pinnacle of horseback riding technology, but they’re smooth and unobtrusive and get you where you need to go for the most part. And you will want a horse, as well as at least one warp back to a stable early in the game. There are two near the pathway to the first town you’ll visit, so keep an eye out for them–there are usually horses nearby.

You don’t need anything special, just get yourself a simple, spotted horse (the spotted ones are easier to tame) and bond with it quickly. Horses move much faster than you can run and will follow paths automatically, allowing you to observe the scenery or make plans or fight as you ride. If the horse bucks you immediately when you mount, try a different horse and save that difficulty level for when you have more stamina.