10 Tips and Tricks for Your First Hours in Breath of the Wild

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Mark your map regularly

No matter where you stand in Breath of the Wild, you can always see at least one, and more often three or four new locations you might want to explore. It’s enough that you may feel overwhelmed early on seeing so many Shrines from a high point and unsure if you’ll remember to visit them all. That’s why Breath of the Wild includes lovely map markers for you to use to remember places with.

Not only can you use colored markers and stamps from the map itself, but you can also zoom in on locations in the first person using the Sheikah Scope, then mark that spot on your map with the push of a button. Use this function to zoom in on any spot you want to remember for later and mark it. It’s an easy-to-ignore resource that can prove invaluable to a curious adventurer.