10 Tips and Tricks for Your First Hours in Breath of the Wild

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breath of the wild
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Forage and cook. A lot.

Maybe cooking isn’t your thing, and you just want to charge right in and start mowing down bokoblins. But, don’t. Take some time in the early areas to overstock your inventory with ingredients, then sit down and just cook for awhile. The bountiful environments of Hyrule rarely lack for cooking materials, but cooking pans are another beast entirely, and you can make some amazing recipes even with basic ingredients like mushrooms and apples.

You’ll want some basic health and stamina restoring foods, plus something to keep you warm in cold places. Cooling ingredients for hot areas will come later, so don’t stress too much about that in the early going. You can also pick up some defense boosting ingredients early on that will help you survive accidental tough encounters.

Never be without a good stock of food in your inventory, and take a moment to cook every time you happen upon a cooking pot. Your heart containers will thank you.