10 Ideas We Would Be Completely Ok With Trying In The Legend Of Zelda Series

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6. Hyrule Farming Simulator

While originally thinking a Hyrule Sims game would be great, I realized the majesty of Hyrule is better suited for a game like Stardew Valley. In this case, you do not even need to be Link or Zelda, but you could have all of the cursory elements of The Legend of Zelda in there.

Nintendo seems rather comfortable switching between 2D and 3D The Legend of Zelda entries. For this reason, I think the next 2D entry should switch the formula all the way up. Become a townsperson in one of the many villages around Hyrule and build your farming empire.

Travel to Hyrule to trade in the kingdom. Journey through Hyrule Field. Grab ingredients out of Death Mountain. Barter water trade agreements with the Zora. Become best friends with a Rito. The supporting cast of Hyrule could be much more than a backdrop of people for Link to talk to in order to get an item to help him survive a dungeon.

Lets take the inspired backgrounds Nintendo bakes into every Zelda game and bring them to the forefront to experience as you follow along with the adventures of various townspeople.