10 Ideas We Would Be Completely Ok With Trying In The Legend Of Zelda Series

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5. Bully: Zelda Edition

The Legend of Zelda and pretty much every fantasy story revolves around the idea we should stand up to bullies. What if we actually took Hyrule from its own realm to the playground?

The adventures of middle school Link take you to Kokiri Middle School. Link wakes up to “HEY! Listen!” After being knocked out by the class bully, Ganondorf, the nurse brings Link back to consciousness. Making his way back to homeroom, Link plots how he will stop Ganon’s tyranny of the jungle gym. At the next recess, he pulls out a play sword from the toy bin. Link then makes his way across each of the various groups on the playground.

He gets a boomerang from the kids playing catch in the field. He gets the ability to climb higher from working with kids playing on trees in the forest near the playground. He gets a dodgeball from the kids playing against the wall. He plays with the kids in the pool and gets the ability to hold his breath longer.

Tingle is posted up by the tetherball. He’s not playing, but standing there. It weirds everyone out a bit.

In the end, Link could beat up Ganondorf, but they both get sent to Nurse Zelda, who admires Link’s resolve to rid the playground of the bully. It is a rough work-in-progress, but I think I see something awesome in this concept. It could be turn-based or it could be action; both may be fun!