10 Ideas We Would Be Completely Ok With Trying In The Legend Of Zelda Series

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4. Goron Rap

Look, no one ever talks about this as the turning point in the Donkey Kong series, but the Donkey Kong 64 rap introduction may be the greatest thing Nintendo ever did with their properties. It set the mood to get you ready to play as every character in this game (although, the DK Rap did less to get you ready to collect various color bananas with every character on ever level).

Imagine if, as you climb Death mountain, you meet an old-school hip hop security team. And by security, I mean a rather imposing group of Goron who will not let you pass until you observe their hip-hop skills.

MC Teddy Goron kicks it off like Wreckx-n-Effect: “My name’s Teddy, ready with the 1-2 checker.” There is always a guy named Skip in the crew and he’s doing the helicopter. DJ G-Slay is hitting the tunes in a makeshift DJ Booth they have made out of their security station.

Of course, there is a random Goron that is just doing the robot as well. He is not even in the group. He is just there. It is rather odd, but Dave Chappelle told us about this phenomenon.

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