10 Ideas We Would Be Completely Ok With Trying In The Legend Of Zelda Series

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Nintendo has never been short on imagination for how they create games for Mario, but what if they did the same with Legend of Zelda characters.

Nintendo has started to be a bit more adventurous of late with the Legend of Zelda intellectual property. From Hyrule Warriors to Mario Kart 8 DLC, we have seen Link and Zelda given a bit of the Mario treatment, crossing genres and properties to create new ways to experience their marquee adventure series.

Enter the above image, which was part of a longer Twitter feed share session with the Nintendo of America Twitter account from a talk .

This made us here at App Trigger think about all of the other ridiculous ways in which we could see Legend of Zelda characters in situations like those seen above for series hero, Link.

Together, some of us came up with about 10 ways in which we would be absolutely, 100%, perfectly fine with Nintendo opening up with its use of the Legend of Zelda IP.

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1. Link Joins The Boy Band Crew

Link joins the Lost Boy Band crew in a hipster leather open jacket and jean combo. This would actually be pretty awesome if you could use Link in Final Fantasy XV.

Picture it with me: Link has his main weapon, which would obviously be the Master Sword. He and Noctis argue regularly over who is the better swordsman.

Noctis: “Can you teleport with your sword? Did you save an entire nation with hair gel and pouty lips? I do not think so.”

Link: “I will go back in time and erase all your history so the only people who will remember are you and timeline purists!”

Each character in Final Fantasy XV also has their own quirks and identities. Want to summon Astrals? Link uses his Ocarina to summon a Hylian Fairy. What would the combo attack be with Noctis? Link pulls out his upwards smash attack from Super Smash Bros and knocks an enemy into the sky and Noctis uses his sword teleport to combo them in the air.

This all could be pretty amazing, now that I think about. Do this, Nintendo. Do this right now!