10 Worst Bioware Companions In Company History

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Kaiden Alenko Mass Effect
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#2. Kaiden Alenko

You know how at the top of the list there’s Carth Onasi, who is a terrible character but an awesome party member? Kaiden Alenko from Bioware’s first Mass Effect game is like Carth but even more of a sad sack and not nearly as useful, making him easily one of the worst characters in video games ever. Much like Jacob, he’s a run of the mill meathead biotic soldier in a party full of more capable soldiers and more powerful biotics. You ditch him from the party as soon as you are able and never look back.

And let’s talk about Virmire. The mission where either Ashley Williams (who is admittedly super xenophobic when it comes to aliens) or Kaiden Alenko will die. It’s all up to you which one you rescue. I’ve probably played through the original Mass Effect at least 15 times. I have never picked Kaiden. Ever. Not because I like Ashley. I really don’t. But she’s at least got some layers and is a more useful party member.

It’s not just if I had to choose between Kaiden and Ashley; you put anybody in that situation and I’d save them over Kaiden. Put Saren or even the Illusive Man in there. I’d still pick them over Kaiden. Kaiden is the worst Mass Effect party member by a longshot. But oddly enough still not the worst companion you can get in a Bioware game. That dishonor goes to…