10 Worst Bioware Companions In Company History

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Merril Dragon Age 2
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#3. Merril

Oh my god, Merrill, how I hate you. Why? Because you bring everything in your life upon yourself by incredibly stupid, stupid decisions. That you never take away any lessons from. That mirror that everyone tells you is a bad thing? Don’t go near that. Blood Magic is illegal, dangerous and unnecessary. Don’t use it. Does Merill follow this or really any other advice? Nope and catastrophe follows.

Merrill doesn’t make any good decisions throughout the entirety of Dragon Age II. She’s the reason her keeper gets killed and her clan is in ruins. They have every right to kick her to the curb. And once again she never learns anything. Ever. Like a good third of the game is fixing her mistakes. And she still exemplifies this by continuing to use blood magic even though it is literally the cause of all of her problems.

Unfortunately she’s also the better (and more tolerable) mage you have with you for the majority of Dragon Age II, so you are pretty much stuck with her for long periods of time. Assuming you saved your sister Bethany in the opening of the game, this makes you really miss having a decent character who is also a really capable mage in your party. Finally, while she is a romanceable option, it feels super awkward and forced. Merril, you’re one of the worst. But not the absolute worst; that’s still coming.