10 Worst Bioware Companions In Company History

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Jacob Taylor Mass Effect 2
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#7. Jacob Taylor

Humans are already the least interesting part of the Mass Effect universe as a whole, so take Jacob Taylor, who is just a military grunt (and not a Krogan named Grunt) who is decent with guns and a mediocre biotic and you have one of the dullest party members in the Mass Effect universe.

Maybe he’s supposed to represent your average meathead soldier trying to deal with a reality of aliens, genetically enhanced humans, and the like. But frankly James Vega pulled off that role way better in Mass Effect 3. Like he was a meathead but a fun meathead. Jacob’s loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2 is easily the least interesting as well.

And let’s face it, I’ve seen people get legitimately upset over various party members not making it through that final section of Mass Effect 2. Nobody ever mentions Jacob. There’s a reason. I think there are some interesting turns you could’ve taken with his character, especially considering his military past and time with Cerberus, but that isn’t utilized well. Jacob Taylor is a really average dude in a series filled with some pretty exceptional people. Maybe there could’ve been some good exploration of that aspect, but it’s never developed either.