10 Worst Bioware Companions In Company History

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Canderous Ordo Knights Of The Old Republic
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#8.Canderous Ordo

Another Knights of The Old Republic character, it’s a stretch to say Canderous Ordo is a terrible party member, he’s just super redundant and kinda useless. For a supposed Mandalorian badass, I honestly just always found him the least useful party member. Like you have Carth if you just want somebody who is awesome with guns and you can put up with his whining. Or even the Wookie Zalbaar is a pretty good shot (and less of a talker). You want a more balanced approach, you go with Mission Vao or T3-M4. You want someone who takes joy and glory in murdering others and is an excellent shot? You take HK-47 along. Canderous Ordo is just a body filling a slot, and not a particularly interesting one.

In fact, Canderous is like one of those guys who can’t stop reliving his “glory days” from high school, where he clearly peaked. Always telling long and boring stories about the Mandalorian Wars and his days before he was more than some lackey for a underworld boss. Well, you’re still just a pointless lackey Canderous. You merely changed the underworld for outer space. And again, for claiming to be such a glorious and successful warrior, pretty much everyone else on the team is more useful both in and out of battle than you are.